About Whip

Whip Marketing first began as a social media marketing company, taking pride of being one of the first agencies in Malaysia to embrace the digital evolution. Fast forward, Whip Marketing has evolved altogether with the progression of technology and innovation. As the digital era moves forward with a quicker pace, Whip Marketing has found themselves broadening its services, with an objective of mediating the growth of businesses and SME’s on digital platforms. It altogether works hand in hand with Whip Marketing’s intent to be the leader in the market of technology and innovation.

We develop customized websites and mobile applications that provides users a pleasant experience for the growth of businesses. We engage in digital campaigns by sharing the story of your business to the target market with creative imagination. We can take heart in building and improving your eCommerce platform for a much more intuitive user experience. Also with with our knowledge on wearable devices, we look to simplify your day to day experience. We enhance imagination by integrating virtual & augmented reality.”